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OutSourced Statement and Invoice Processing Services

Outsourced Printing and Mailing of Statements and Invoices

Because every operation needs to communicate to their customers on paper, we offer OutSourced Statement and Invoice Processing Services. With a Paperless system, invoices can be instantly printed and filed into the archives. From there it can be as simple as the click of a mouse to send them to our print/mail operation that can take care of printing, stuffing, checking, stamping, and mailing your print runs for a fraction of what you spend now. We can also set up electronic delivery of statements. You can slash mailing costs by 20-50% and reduce your outstanding receivables by getting invoices to your customers faster.

Some interesting facts regarding statement preparation and mailing:

The cost related to the paper, postage and handling of a statement is approximately $1.20 per statement (Jupiter Communications).

The cost of printing and mailing a single bill is $.85 per statement (Small Business Administration).

For every check it sends out, the Social Security Administration spends $.68 on material, postage and processing (Marketplace Radio Show, American Public Radio).

Because all of an organization’s documents are electronic, it is very easy to automate distribution with Paperless Software and Services’ Statement and Invoice Processing Services. Multiply the numbers above by the number of statements your company sends out every month. Imagine if you could cut that cost by 10, 20, or maybe 40%!

Ask us how we can cut you statement/billing costs.