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Web-based, Hosted, ASP, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

OnBase OnLine allows organizations to rapidly and cost effectively implement OnBase ECM solutions without the need to expand or build an in-house network. With OnBase OnLine, customers gain the functionality and benefits of OnBase via the web by accessing a completely outsourced data center that is redundant and secure.

Deploying OnBase in OnBase OnLine's world-class hosted environment makes it possible for departments or entire enterprises to quickly begin managing content-centric processes to increase efficiency, improve productivity, support governance, risk and compliance (GRC) initiatives, reduce operational costs and free resources for higher value tasks that increase revenue and improve customer service.

Two options are available for OnBase OnLine.

Software-as-Service (SaaS) - pay a monthly fee for the web-based use of OnBase software modules and the hosting service.

Hosting-only model - allows an organization to own their software license(s) and run it on the OnBase Online world-class servers and technology infrastructure.

Why OnBase OnLine?

OnBase OnLine customers don't compromise quality for convenience. They enjoy the sophisticated functionality of the same mature OnBase software used by more than 7,000 commercial and public sector organizations worldwide. Unlike some other hosted solutions, OnBase OnLine is supported and maintained by the same company that has developed and implemented the software application for more than a decade.

Cost Effectiveness - Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) requires no upfront capital investment, and a hosted solution reduces or eliminates the costs associated with an onsite network. By taking advantage of the economies of scale, OnBase OnLine can offer this service at a lower cost than most in-house solutions with world class availability and security.

Flexibility - OnBase OnLine clients don't give up control of their content or the solution. With the OnBase configuration tool, authorized system administrators can make changes to the system including adding users or document types, scheduling actions and assigning security rights. An OnBase OnLine solution can also be brought in-house, and services are available to ensure the process goes smoothly and the onsite infrastructure is appropriate. Recognized for ease of use, OnBase can be tailored to the needs of individual users to maximize efficiency.

Reliability and Risk Reduction - Hosted by an SAS-70 certified provider, OnBase OnLine adheres to the highest standards for uptime, security and availability. By providing dependable Web-based access, OnBase OnLine supports disaster recovery and business continuity initiatives and prevents new software from disrupting an organization's existing environment. OnBase OnLine has also been granted Microsoft® certification in Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Competency with the Hosting Specialization. This designation is earned by technology partners who have proven their proficiency in delivering consistent, high-quality hosted or outsourcing services built on Microsoft technology.

SysTrust® Certified, OnBase OnLine employs a multi-layered, state-of-the-art approach to security, incorporating high-security firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encrypted passwords. Transmission to and from OnBase OnLine servers requires Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to prevent interceptions of downloaded material, and only approved users with proper credentials can view your data. Naturally, access to an organization's files is logged for compliance auditing.

Rapid Deployment - Because the network infrastructure is already in place, an OnBase OnLine solution can be deployed more quickly than a traditional installed-on-site system. Users across the world can be using ECM technology to increase productivity and improve customer service in a matter of days, instead of the weeks or months required to deploy premises-based solutions. While the expansion of an in-house solution may be limited by infrastructure or the availability of IT resources, an OnBase OnLine solution is dynamic and scalable, able to grow as fast as an organization requires.

Complements Existing Solutions - OnBase is designed to enhance an organization's technology investments, not displace them. Even as a hosted solution, OnBase OnLine leverages the same integration technologies. Images and indexes from legacy document imaging solutions can be consolidated in OnBase OnLine using the Document Import Processor. In addition to dedicated integrations with a number of third-party solutions for e-mail, forms processing, report mining or other purposes, the OnBase Application EnablerTM supports point-and-click integration with line-of-business applications. By content enabling systems such as ERP, CRM or accounting, companies can automate indexing and allow users to retrieve documents from the applications with which they are already familiar.